MetaStock files viewer.


  • Java 6 or higher


  • Browse metaStock (End Of Day) archives
  • Illegality┬átest of archive’s data and archive’s index

Next release features:

  • MetaStock data chart

Application screen-shots:

License: GNU GPL v2


14 thoughts on “MetaStock

  1. I’m not an expert by any means, but I’m having trouble using your Metastock viewer. I have a bunch of files in Metastock format, with the file extension *.dat–F1.DAT, F2.DAT, etc. in each directory. There is a EMASTER and a MASTER file in each directory.

    I can apparently launch the viewer, but when I try to open a file using the “File” menu, the default file type, “METASTOCK” shows none available and when I change the file type to “ALL FILES” and try to open one of the *.DAT files, I get an error: “Niepoprawny plik zip”.

    When I try to open “metastockViewer-1.0-javadoc.jar” which I presume is some sort of documentation, I get an error: “Failed to load Main-Class manifest attribute from */metastockViewer-1.0-javadoc.jar”

    My JRE is apparently 1.6.0_30.

    Can you offer any guidance about how to resolve these issues?

    • You have to compress your metastock files to a zip archive.
      Then you can open it by selecting the zip file.
      The zip file should contain MASTER file. No subdirectories are supported.

      Thanks for your feedback. I’ll change the error message to English.

  2. Good start. However, it does not seem to be able to handle more than about 40 Stocks. Raises a popup “NullPointerException”, then will not complete. Would be good if you could fix this. Needs some basic info in HELP.

    Thanks…. John

    • Can you provide me some additional info about the NullPointerException?
      It would be cool if you can send me the zip file you try to open.

  3. Please send me your email address.
    I have the files ready and can’t attach them here.

    Thanks…. John

  4. Version 1.1 was released.
    Change log:
    * support for corrupted archives
    * better errors handeling

  5. I’m still having trouble using your software. I’ve attached the archive that I’m trying to open to a separate email, as well as the error log that I’ve gotten when I select the file. Is there some specific directory structure that is supposed to be in place? Thanks.

    • The zip file you have sent me contains subdirectories. Metastock master file must be located in root directory of your zip file.

  6. Hi,
    First of all, would like to thank you for developing such a gr8 software.
    Wanted to know from where can I download source code for the same?

    Best Trader

  7. Love the software. Really easy to use because your instructions on this site are clear! When can we see the charting feature? I’m eagerly looking forward to it O_O

    • Check the latest release – released today (version 1.2). There is a OHLC chart with “volume”.

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