TJConsole is a Text version of JConsole.

Perfect if you have only text console or terminal. You can use it also for communication between java programs and external software like shell scripts for example.

Project hosted on GitHub


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    2 thoughts on “TJConsole

    1. Im fairly unfamiliar with Java but have a fair grasp of the very basics. I am interested in using this to connect from a Putty session to a remote server which I dont have a GUI attached to. The downloads are fine, but how do I go about installing it (where do I put the jar file) and how to access the tjconsole as well?


      • You have to put tjconsole-1.4-all.jar on this server you are log into.
        After login via putty run tjconsole using:
        java -jar tjconsole-1.4-all.jar
        Next you can open jmx session to your java application.


        • Network connection between server with tjconsole jar and your java app.
        • Installed java on machine, you are log into.

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